Linguistic Services

What do we offer?

Tesla Global Agency has a proven track record in the field. Our highly qualified team of copywriters, translators and transcribers is committed to providing exceptional language solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

Professional Content Writing & Transcription Service

At Tesla, we understand the importance of content that engages and inspires the reader. That is why we focus on writing, transcribing and creating genuine, copy-free content. This material can be turned into a business advantage for you.

Audio/Video Transcription Service

Do you need to transcribe an audio/video file into text format? At Tesla, we have professional transcribers who guarantee a 100% reliable and faithfully transcribed work according to the client's requirements. We process all types of audio/video files, as well as content in the area required (podcasts, interviews, business meetings, legal, medical notes, seminars, among others).

Video Subtitling Service

Video subtitling is a key strategy to reach new target groups. Therefore, at Tesla we offer a video subtitling service that includes transcription and/or translation (SPANISH > ENGLISH - ENGLISH > SPANISH) of the content.

Translation Services

We offer high quality manual translation services in Spanish, English and French. We can adapt to any type of project or area since we have highly qualified translators to provide you with a personalized service of the highest quality.

Document Editing Service

At Tesla, we edit documents in different formats, regardless of their subject area and level of specialization. We make sure that the document is completely legible whilst respecting its original format and content.

Data Input

Our data input service is focused on helping you with different daily tasks in order to increase your company's productivity.

Administrative Support

We offer you remote help in different administrative tasks of your company. Contact us for a free consultation.

Trust us to be your reliable linguistic ally. We are here to help you achieve your business goals and stand out in a competitive market through our technical expertise and commitment to quality. Contact us today and find out how our language services can make a difference in your business