Document Editing and Layout


At Tesla Global Agency, we edit and layout documents in different formats, regardless of their subject area and level of specialization.

We make sure that the document is completely readable, respecting its original format and content.

What do we offer?

  • Data Entry: We digitize data in any format (texts, videos, audios). We enter the information into your platforms or databases in order for your staff to devote their time to more relevant tasks.
  • Conversion of documents to a fully editable file: We generate editable documents in their source language or in the language of your choice. We process image files or PDF files into editable, typo-free text.
  • Professional digitization of all types of documents through OCR technology: Digitize your documents and take better advantage of physical space. We offer document scanning in various formats to suit the needs of your organization.
  • Layout: We format and visually organize any type of document, following the specified standards.
  • Graphic design adjustments, text editing and proofreading. 
  • Preparation of content for publication in several languages. 

We offer editing, design and layout of content for books and magazines, websites, advertising material, multimedia presentations and corporate documents. If you require a layout service for other media, please contact us without obligation.

How does our document editing and layout service work?

The document editing and layout process consists of several back-to-back processes:

  1. Receipt of the original document.
  2. Evaluation of the document and the order conditions.
  3. Once the document has been reviewed, we will send you a quote.
  4. Our team will deliver the editable document and layout in the desired format and editorial design, after a thorough review, ready for publication.

Why choose our document editing and layout service?

By choosing Tesla Global Agency for your document editing and layout services, you will benefit from the following:

  • Quality and consistent visual presentation in multiple languages, which increases the impact of the document.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to meet each client's requirements and preferences.
  • Savings in time and resources by entrusting document editing and layout to an expert team.
  • Guaranteed quality and accuracy in the final presentation of documents.
  • Comprehensive services that include translation, editing, layout and publication in various formats.
  • All documents are reviewed for quality control. We ensure compliance with all standards and norms.